The Mobile Food and Beverage Services department brings the joy of on-the-go dining to the university campus through a fleet of innovative and versatile coffee and food trucks.

Our department specializes in providing high-quality, convenient, and diverse culinary offerings that cater to the fast-paced lifestyles of students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

We bring a unique and dynamic dining experience directly to various campus locations, enriching the campus atmosphere and fostering community connections.

Our Mission:

Our primary mission is to enhance campus life by offering accessible and delectable food and beverage options through our mobile trucks.

We aim to create an engaging and immersive culinary experience that not only satisfies hunger but also fuels creativity, collaboration, and social interaction within the campus community.

Key Responsibilities:

Mobile Food Trucks Operation

We manage a fleet of mobile coffee and food trucks, strategically positioned across the campus to serve different zones and events. Each truck offers a distinct menu, providing variety and catering to diverse tastes.

Menu Innovation

Our culinary experts curate menus that balance classic favourites with innovative dishes, catering to different dietary preferences and cultural influences. We stay attuned to culinary trends and feedback from customers to refine and expand our offerings.

Location Strategy

Our team carefully selects truck locations based on foot traffic patterns, events, and peak hours. We aim to provide convenient access to our services while maximizing visibility and engagement.

Event Collaboration

We collaborate with campus departments, student organizations, and event planners to enhance the culinary offerings at various campus events. Our mobile trucks can provide refreshments, snacks, and meals that align with event themes and objectives.

Customer Engagement

We prioritize customer interaction by fostering a welcoming and friendly environment at our mobile truck locations. Building relationships with our patrons contributes to a sense of community and loyalty.

In essence, the Mobile Food and Beverage Services department is a pivotal force in aiding the fast-paced lifestyle on the university campus.

Through expert planning, careful placement and commitment to customer satisfaction and speedy service delivery, we contribute by adapting to the campus’s pulse, and providing ease and convenience.

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